Sunday, 12 April 2015

How to Re-Vamp Your Kitchen on a Budget

Many people don’t have the budget for a full kitchen make over from floor to ceiling but that doesn't signify they don’t fancy a bit of a change. Below are a few simple and stylish ideas which will help to give your house a fresh new look.

1 - Paint your home cabinets. This can make an enormous difference and present your kitchen a completely new look using nothing more than a can of paint. Your kitchen cabinets are definitely the most visual thing within the room after all. Nowadays you can get paints which are engineered for use in your kitchen so make sure you use them. These are generally available in a range of colors and so are resistant to most stains and household products.

2 - Modify the handles and knobs. Although you may don’t fancy painting your home cabinets it is possible to give it a brand new look by merely changing the handles or knobs. There are lots of different types and styles of handle or knob which can be colorful, original or classic.

3 - Alter your chairs. You can give it a new look by simply changing the chairs if your kitchen is large enough for a chairs and table. These have a crucial role in the décor of a room. Choose something modern and colorful or traditional in keeping with the newest look you need to achieve.

4 - Chance your faucets. It’s surprising how a new faucet can alter the appearance of your kitchen sink and therefore the kitchen. Choose something bold and daring (in the event you dare) having a bold red or black color or anything more original in keeping with the rest of the room.

5 - Paint your walls. You don’t even have to paint the whole wall in a kitchen to change the look; just the visible part higher than the counter tops can make a big difference. Be sure you use special paints which are washable and suitable for tiles (if necessary) for some time lasting finish.

6 - Attach some wall coverings. There are some fabulous self adhesive wall coverings available these days which are really affordable and easy to utilize. They are particularly useful just above the countertops (for those who don’t want to paint them) and they are available in a range of colors in addition to metallic images, effects, quotes and landscapes.

7 - Enjoy yourself with lighting. LED rope lights beneath the kitchen wall cupboards can add an intriguing amount of light in even darkest corners of the kitchen. How about an led light strip too - they give plenty of light in the busiest room of the house yet are incredibly economical as well as efficient.

8 - Toss in a mat. What could be quicker and easier to give your kitchen area a lift than the addition of a colorful floor mat? You might put one close to the kitchen sink or, if you have a kitchen table you could input it beneath there. It will not only look stylish but it will add a certain amount of comfort.

9 - Call time on the old clock. A nice, large industrial style clock can easily add a completely new dimension to a bare kitchen wall. Perhaps you’d prefer something colorful and bold, it’s up to you.

10 - Don’t forget the trash can. Every kitchen has one but instead of being only one of the most functional pieces in your kitchen it could also add an element of fun. Don’t hide it away, pick a vibrant color by leaving it exposed.

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