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IDM Queue Processing - Create Delete Start Stop Schedule download in IDM Scheduler


What is the use of IDM Queue or IDM Scheduler

Internet Download Manager (IDM) queue helps us to download files one after another or simultaneous download by creating Queue. First of all we need to create Queue or add files to the existing Queue. By default two queues are present in IDM Scheduler but we can create a number of queue as our wish. Then we need to add download files to that queue. We can also move files from one queue to another. Then we start the Queue. We can customize the Queue Downloads by putting 1 or more than one file at a time for simultaneous download.

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IDM Scheduler: IDM Queue is one part of the IDM Scheduler. In IDM scheduler we can modify the Queue list. Move files up and down inside the Queue and also move files from one queue to another. We can also create a Schedule download or a periodic download for IDM (Internet Download Manager). To open IDM Scheduler Click on "Downloads" on the Menu bar and then Choose "Scheduler".

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How to create or delete a Queue and Modify the setting on the Queue of Internet Download Manager

1. Open "Internet Download Manager".
2. Right Click on "Queue" on the Category bar present left side of Internet Download Manager (IDM) and click on "Create a New Queue"
3. It will ask a name for the new Queue. Just Enter a name for that Queue. (Default name is Queue #* )
4. Click On "OK". A new key with that name will be created.
5. To modify a Queue Just Right Click on the Queue name and Choose "Edit Queue". It will open that Queue in Scheduler where you can modify its setting. There you will find to choose the number of files that will download simultaneously at a time. You can up-down the added files on that queue.
6. To start or stop a queue at a particular time or create a schedule time to download or stop download just Just Right Click on the Queue name and Choose "Schedule" and modify the setting.
7. To delete the Queue Just Right Click on the Queue name on the Category pane in the left side of IDM and then choose "Delete Queue"

How to add a File to a Queue in IDM

1. First start then stop the download of the files.
2. You will get the list of these incomplete download files in Internet Download Manager (In the Category of All Downloads or Unfinished in the left side category bar)
3. By default all the files are in the Main Download Queue.
4. To move a file to another Queue. Just Select that , Right Click of Mouse on it and Choose "Move To Queue" and then select the Queue where you want to move that.
5. You can create as much Queue as you want and also delete the created queue.

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How to Start or Stop a Queue

To start or stop a Queue Just Choose the Queue from the left side Category bar, Right Click of mouse on it and click on Start Queue or Stop Queue.

You can also Start or Stop the Queue from the Menu bar of IDM. Just Click on the small downward arrow present right to the "Start Queue" and "Stop Queue" to see the available list of queue and start or stop it from there.

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