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IDM Category bar is missing - How to Hide/Show Catgory bar in the left pane of Internet Download Manager

IDM Category bar is missing - How to Hide/Show Category bar in the left pane of Internet Download Manager will show you the detail about the Category bar of IDM . How can we hide that category bar and restore back the hidden category bar.

What is IDM category bar:

IDM Category Bar is a small space on the left side of the Internet Download Manager Window that describes the type of the downloaded or downloading file. It Categorize the type of the file you are downloading, Whether the download is complete or not or the downloaded file is in which Queue. IDM category bar has different options. Some of the options are described below:

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All Downloads: This category shows all the files that are added to Internet Download Manager which is divided into different sub category like Compressed, Documents, Music, Program and Video and arrange the files into the category.
Unfinished: Unfinished Category will show you the files whose download is not complete.
Finished: Finished category will show you the files whose download is completed.
Queues: It shows the list of files that are in the queue.

Some times we close the category bar by mistake. We don't want to use the category bar so we remove it. We can remove or restore that category bar as per our wish from the below process.

Hide/Show the Category bar in Internet Download Manager:

1. Open Internet Download Manager (IDM).
2. Click on "View" on the Menu bar.
3. You will get an option "Hide Categories".
4. Just Tick that option to hide the category bar or Unchecked the option to Show the Category bar.
5. That is it.

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