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P8 v25 (rar and exe) Windows 8 genuine Activator Free Download


What is a P8 v25 file (RAR and exe)

This is a crack or patch used in Windows 8 professional (Pro) to make it genuine. It is an easy way to make Windows 8 pro x86 and x64 (32bit and 64bit) version registered full version. It is supported on both 32 bit and 64bit Operating System of Windows 8 pro. The crack makes the pirated windows 8 pro genuine activated.

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What are the advantages of Genuine Windows

Genuine Windows Advantage (GWA) is created by Microsoft to stop piracy of Windows. Sometime your Installed Windows and its license are checked by Microsoft online to see whether it is genuine or not. If you have pirated window then it will show you the not genuine message at the time of login or in the System property Window.
You can check the system property with Right click on the My Computer icon on the desktop and then choose properties. If your windows is not genuine then you will get an error message on the Windows Activation otherwise you will get that "Windows is Activated" on the Windows Activation.

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Once you have got a genuine Window means you have no restriction on its use. You will able to receive all the major and minor security updates and other updates from Windows. Some application needs genuine Windows to use them. To get a genuine Windows you need to buy that from Microsoft Store or any other Retailer nearer to you.

The below process will describe you how can we get a Windows 8 Pro (x86 and x64) genuine without buying it. That will work very similar to genuine but if we are receiving updates from Microsoft then it may remove its genuine advantage and show that the Windows 8 is not genuine.
So after applying the crack it is better to disable your Windows Update.

Note: On some cases the p8 v25 file needs .net framework 4.0 to run. So download and install .Net framework offline installer and install it on your system and after that try the crack.

How to use p8 v25 in Windows 8

1. Download the file from the below download link. If you have downloaded the RAR file then extract it using WinRAR WinZip or any other RAR Archievers.
2. Right click on the file and Choose "Run As Administrator".
3. If the UAC prompts ask for your confirmation then Click on "Ok"
4. Wait for some time to complete the process.
5. After completion of process it will ask to reboot your system.
6. After reboot (restart) your Windows. It will show you the confirmation Message. If the confirmation message doesn't appear then you can check the Windows Activation at system property.
7. That is it.

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Note: Before applying the Crack you must disable (disconnects) your Internet connection and Windows Update. Always try not to install Windows Update. If you have installed the Update by mistake then your Windows activation may show error about your activation. In that case again disable windows update and reinstall the P8 V25 exe file.

Download Link : P8 v25 rar file

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