Tuesday, 5 March 2013

How to break the Administrator password in Windows 7 and XP using Hiren Boot CD 15.2


The process will show you how can we break the Administrator password and other user log in password in Windows.  This was tested in all versions of Windows XP, Vista and Seven (not tested on Windows 8). To break the password we need a 3rd party application named as "Hiren Boot CD". Hiren boot CD is able to break the Administrator password and user password in Windows. Download Hiren Boot CD from www.hirensbootcd.org/download/ and make a boot able disc or create a boot able pen drive for Hiren Boot CD. The below process will show you how can we do the same in Hiren Boot CD 15.2 .  The steps are similar for all versions but may the graphics and location of commands may vary.

1. First make a boot able USB drive or CD for Hiren Boot CD 15.2
2. Restart your PC/Laptop and boot from the USB/CD where you have put the Hiren Boot CD files.
3. Choose “Off line NT/2000/X P/Vista/7 Password Changer”.
4.  Now wait for some time to load the “Off line NT Password & Registry Editor
5.  Now the step to choose the correct drive where the Windows is installed. If you have more than one Operating System then choose the correct drive and hit "Enter".  Otherwise type the number corresponding to the correct partition on your Windows Installation drive and hit "Enter".
5. Now it will ask to confirm the registry path. By default the registry path will be correct so hit "Enter" only. If the registry path has changed by the user then you need to manually enter it.
6.  Now you need to choose the "Password Reset [Sam System Security]" option. So type 1 and hit "Enter".
7.  Now you need to choose the "Edit User Data and Password "option. So type 1 and hit "Enter".
8. Now it will show all the available user list with the Administrator. Now just Enter the USERNAME whose password you want to change and hit "Enter".
9. It will show you the list of available options to break password of that user.
      1. Clear (Blank) User Password - It will remove the user password.
     2. Edit (Set New) user password. - It will ask you to modify the user name and Enter a new password for that User
10. Just type 1 and hit "Enter". It will remove the password for that user.
11. You will get a message of "Password Cleared".
12. Now type ! And hit Enter to close the User Editor Tool.
13.  Now type q and hit Enter to close the Offline Password Editor and Registry tool.
14.  Now type y and hit Enter to confirm the password change. 
15. Now it will ask you whether you want to use it again or not. Just type n and hit Enter.
16. Remove your Hiren Disc and press "ALT + Ctrl + Del" to restart your system
17. That is it. Your Password is now braked and you will not get any password on your next log-in.

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