Monday, 4 February 2013

How to password protect a website in Windows using Avast Antivirus

The below process will show you how can we restrict a website with password using an open source avast antivirus program.

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1. Open avast program and add a password to the Avast.
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2. After addition of password click on "Additional Protection" on the left pane of avast program.
3. Choose "Site Blocking".
4. On the right pane tick on "Enable site blocking" on the open window.
5. Then on the "URLs to Block" section add the website that you want to block.
6. Click on Enter. (Give the password for confirmation if asked)
7. That is it. Now reboot your system and you will find that the URL are blocked by Avast.

Note: To open those URL remove them from site blocking on step 5.

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