Wednesday, 6 February 2013

How to do a Boot-Level scan using Avast antivirus in Windows OS


What is a boot level (Boot time) Scan

A Boot-Time scan is that scan which started before the Windows is loaded at the boot time. It will help to detect and rectify the virus/malware from the boot so that it will not harm any thing to our system.

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How to enable boot time Scan in Avast Anti virus

1. Open Avast Anti virus.
2. Click on "Scan Computer" on the left pane of Avast.
3. A drop down menu will be open.
4. Choose "Boot-time Scan".
5. On the right side pane click-on "Schedule Now'.
6. Now a boot time scan is scheduled from Avast and will be start on your next Restart.
7. You can also modify the type of scan on Boot by clicking on "Setting" there.
8. That is it. Now restart your system and start a boot scan. Follow of the steps to delete the viruses on Boot Scan.

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