Saturday, 9 February 2013

How to create a CD/DVD from Disk Image (ISO, NRG) file using Nero 8

The process will tell you how to create an CD/DVD from the Disk image file using nero8 (Nero Express). We can create a disc from any supported image file of nero. Default format of nero Disk image file is *.nrg. But it also supports other format. If you have any other type of Image file that nero does not supports then you can change it to ISO format.

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1. Open "Nero express' (Start -> All Programs -> Nero8 -> Nero Express)

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2. Choose "Image Project Copy" on the left pane of open Window.
3. On the right pane choose "Disk Image or Saved Project"
4. Now open the Image file that you want to burn on the disc (CD/DVD)
5. Click on "Burn"
6. It will ask to insert a blank empty DISK. Insert the blank disc.
7. After inserting the disc it will automatically start writing in the disk.
8. After completion it will show the successfully completion message and the disk will remove automatically. That is

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