Monday, 4 February 2013

How to add password to Avast! Antivirus

Avast antivirus is an antivirus which is available as free and paid version for windows operating system  The latest version of avast antivirus is compatible with Windows 8. We can add a password to its uses. So whenever we want to do any major change in its setting then it will ask for password for security reasons. The below process will describe you how can we password protect our avast antivirus program.

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Add Password to Avast Antivirus Program

1. Open Avast antivirus.
2. Click on "setting".
3. Navigate to "passwords" tab on the left pane of open Window.
4. On the right pane you will get an option "Protect avast with password". Just tick that option.
5. Now Enter your desired password for avast two time on the boxes "Password" and "Re-Enter Password".
6. below that you will get an option "Protected Areas". Just tick the option on where you want avast ask for password.
7. Click on "Ok". That is it. Now your avast program is password protected.

Remove Passwords from Avast! Antivirus

To remove passwords from Avast antivirus you just unchecked the option at step-4

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