Saturday, 26 January 2013

How to Uninstall an Update in Windows XP

The Process will describe us how to uninstall extra or unwanted update in Windows Xp operating System. Update are only supported in Genuine Operating System.
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1. Go to Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs
2. Navigate to "Change or Remove programs" tab. (By default it will be selected. If not then change it).
3. Check the option "Show Updates" on the top of the Window.
4. Scroll down the Horizontal Scroll-bar and select the update you want to uninstall.
5. After selection of update you get a "Remove" option at the right side of that update.

6. Click on "Remove". UAC prompt will ask for confirmation about that process.
7. Uninstall process will take some time.
8. After completion of un-installation process reboot your system.

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