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[Update] IDM 6.16 with serial key free download full crack patch and keygen Latest version 2013

What is new in Internet Download Manager v 6.15 and How to make it a full version
Internet Download Manager v6.16. Is Windows 8 compatible. Fixed compatibility problems with different browsers including Internet Explorer 10, all Mozilla Firefox versions up to Mozilla Firefox Aurora, Google Chrome. Improved FLV grabber to save videos from web players on YouTube,  Google Video, MySpace TV, and other popular sites

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How to make IDM v 6.16 Full version with the serial key using the Crack method and Keygen
To make your IDM full version we have to complete the three steps. After completion of these steps Internet Download Manager will be registered for a lifetime and work similar to genuine and work with full features.
  • Take the ownership of the hosts file 
  • Modify the hosts file
  • Enter the serial key and Make IDM full version

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Why and how to take ownership of the hosts file
If we don't change the ownership of the hosts file to our local user (On which you are currently logged in) then we are unable to modify it. Without modification the Crack process will not work.
Process: Navigate to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc and change the ownership of the "hosts" file to your local user.

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What to modify in the Hosts file
After taking the ownership, Open the Hosts file with notepad. Copy the below text (the text that are on bold letter) and paste it  and save the hosts file.

Enter the Serial Key and Make Internet Download Manager full version
1. Open Internet Download Manager -> Registration (On Menubar) -> Registration
2. Enter the First name, Last name and the Email address n the required box.
3. Now copy one set of the serial key from below and paste it on the Serial key box.

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4. Now click on OK to register your IDM for life time.
5. It will show a warning message that one of the system file is damage. Ignore the message and Click "Cancel" . Never Choose continue. That is it. Now your IDM is registered.

Note: It is better not to update your IDM to use it as genuine.

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