Friday, 15 June 2012

How to create Password on a RAR file using Winrar (Password protected RAR file)

The process will help us to create a password protected File or Folder using 3rd party application named as "WinRAR". To do the below process first download and install the latest version of Winrar.

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1. Choose the file or Folder that you want to make password protected.
2. Right Click of mouse on it and Choose "Add to archieve" from the Winrar commands.If you not find the Add to archieve command then
Check: How to add "Add to Archieve" command of Winrar to Context menu
3. On the open Window navigate to "Advanced" tab.
4. Choose "Set password". And Give password to the RAR file.
5. Check the Option "Encrypt file names".
Note: If you check the option then Any body will try to open the RAR file then it will ask for password. If not then any body try to open the file or folder inside the RAR file then it will Ask for Password.
6. Now Click on "OK" and Save all the Changes.
7. A new RAR file will be created with the Same name of the file or folder which is password protected. Now delete the old.

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