Sunday, 18 March 2012

How to create a con folder without using Command prompt (cmd)

This is the very simple trick and just a combination of my two previous article.
How to create a folder with any name and
How to create a folder with no name or with a blank space

In the same Process we can also create a folder with the following names. To do so just change CON with these folder names in step-3
  • Prn
  • Nul
  • Lpt1
  • Lpt2
  • Lpt3
  • Lpt4
  • Lpt5
  • Lpt6
  • Lpt7
  • Lpt8
  • Lpt9
  • Com1
  • Com2
  • Com3
  • Com4
  • Com5
  • Com6
  • Com7
  • Com8
  • Com9
These are the reserved name of by windows So we can not create a folder with these names by simple folder creation method.

Process to create a con folder without using command Prompt
1. Create a folder or rename a folder.
2. Now press "Alt" and type 255 (using numpad that are present at the right side of keyboard).
3. Then type CON and press Enter.
4. Now a folder with the name CON will be created.
5. Theis folder can be easily deleted.
But in my Previous article How to create a con folder or Create a folder with any name.The created CON folder can not be easily deleted.

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