Tuesday, 27 March 2012

How to change the drive letter or paths in Windows XP, Vista and Seven

Here I will describe how we can change the drive letter or the paths of our computer. Some times we found that our drive are not in A B C D E order. They are some other letters. Then We have to change those letters so that it will look beautiful.
1.Right Click On "My computer" on desktop and choose "Manage"
If you are not find My Computer Icon on the desktop then enable the My Computer icon for desktop.
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2. Now on the Open "Computer management" window navigate to "Storage" tab.
3. Choose "Disk Management" option.
4. Wait for some time. it will show all the drives and their properties on the right side of the open window.
5. Now Select the drive whose drive letter you want to change.
6. Now Right Click of mouse on the selected dtive and choose "Change Drive letter and Paths"

7. A new window "Change drive letter and Paths" will be opened.
8. Now click on "Change"
9. Another Window will be opened.
10 You will find there two option.
  •    Assign the following drive letter
  •    Mount in the following empty NTFS format
11. Choose "Assign the following drive letter" option.
 (By default it will be selected if no then select it)
12. Now from the drop down menu choose the drive letter that you want to assign for that drive.

13. Now Click On "OK".
14. Now save all the changes and Reboot your system.
15 After Restart you will find the changed drive letters in My computer.

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