Saturday, 5 November 2011

Avast Antivirus 2013 with one year license key free download Pro v7.0 full version Latest [Update]

The process will register the Latest Avast! Free antivirus for one year without any cost.
1. Download and Install the application.
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2. Now open Avast user interface by double clicking the mouse on shortcut icon on desktop.
3. Now click on "maintenance" tab on the left side of the open window and choose "registration" (you will find the Current status as unregistered.)
4. Now on the "registration Information" click on "Register Now"
5. Wait for some time after retrieving your system information a new window will open asking the type of registration.
6. Now select "Stay with avast free antivirus" and click on "register".
7. Wait for some time after retrieving some  information , a new window for registration asking your tittle,name,email,country and from where you know about this will be opened.
8. Now fill the information on the desired place and click on "Register For free licensee"
9. It will show an confirmation message that your one year registration for the program has successfully done.
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10. You can verify the registration status on "Registration" in "Maintenance " tab.

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