Wednesday, 5 October 2011

How to Edit (Add/remove) option on send to menu in windows Xp, Vista and Seven

In other words we can add our favorite folder or program as a shortcut on SEND TO menu. Generally for a selected file or files in send to menu desktop or any removable device or bluetooth device is there. But by this process we can add any drive or any folder placed any where on our system also any program as a shortcut on the send to menu. This will very helpful in data transfer.
This will explain how you can add or delete items from the “Send to” menu list in Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.
1. Navigate to the following folder in windows
      For XP Users-
C:\Documents and Settings\(User-name)\SendTo
  For vista and seven users-

Here user-name refers to the user name of your system where you currently logged in. Type the user name on that place without the braces.

2. There you will find all the shortcuts that are included in the shortcut menu of your windows.Add or delete whatever you like on that folder.Any modification on that folder will change the items on send to menu.

3. To delete any item from the send to menu. Just select that and right click of mouse on it and select delete and hit enter.
4. To add any application or a folder as a shortcut you follow this-
 Right click of mouse on an empty space of the open folder -> Select new -> Select Shortcut -> Now choose the application or a folder as shortcut. Click ok.
Now you will find an extra option on the send to menu.

5. I have created a shortcut for d drive on the send to menu.

If you find some error during the modification of the send to folder.  Then it is required to take ownership of the send-to folder to logged user. 

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