Saturday, 22 October 2011

How to download a Youtube video or audio or any file using IDM (Internet Download Manager)

Internet Download Manager is one of the down-loader that people are using for download various audio, video or any other type of file from the internet. To download any file from the internet via IDM, then our browser (Internet explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, Netscape etc.) should be integrated with IDM.

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When any browser is integrated with IDM, then whenever we try to download something automatically it will download in IDM. No need to do any thing. If it comes in general download then the website may not support the down-loader  One of the most important feature of IDM is whenever we are playing any video or audio live streaming then an additional download option is shown at the side of the video screen. This will help us to download from you-tube.

How to integrate or add or remove any browser from IDM (Browser and system integration feature):
1. Open Internet Download Manager.
2. Click on "Downloads" on Menu bar of IDM.
3. Choose "Option"
4. A pop up window "Internet Download Manager Configuration" will be opened.
5. Navigate to "General" tab.
6. tick the check box "Use advanced browser Integration"
7. Now select the browsers that you want to integrate with IDM and tick on the check boxes.

It almost support all the browsers like Internet Explorer, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, Netscape navigator etc..

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8. if you are using any other browser except the above then you can add that by "Add browser" option.
9. After selecting the browser you want to integrate. Apply the changes and press OK.
10. Now close all the open windows and Application and reboot your system .
After reboot you will find that IDM is associated with all the browser that you are integrated for download.

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