Saturday, 2 July 2011

How to back up and add or restore the registry files in Windows XP, Vista and Seven (w7)

[Update]  the post is updated and post as two articles
1. How to make back up or export the registry entry
2. How to install or import a registry entry
How to back up the Registry:

1. How to Open registry editor?
  For opening registry editor type "regedit.exe" on run window and hit enter. After that "User Account  Control"  will ask the confirmation to open. Just click open.
                                                               [See Screenshot]
2. Now the "Registry Editor" window will be open.
3. Click on "file" on the menu bar.
4. Now click on "Export"
                                                                [See Screen shot]

5.It will ask to give a name & place a location where you want to save the registry.
6. Give the name and location and click on "OK"
7. Now a file with extension .reg will be saved. and this is the registry back up of your system.

 How to Restore the registry :
To restore or add some features on your registry just double click the registry file and it will ask about the confirmation about addition. Just click on OK. Then it will say that it will change the previous registry which is harmful for you and ask about the addition of the registry . Just click on OK. After some seconds it will add all the registry features stored on that registry file.

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