Wednesday, 22 June 2011

How to Hard Reset or Format a Nokia N Series (N72, N73, N81, N95, N8) Mobile code

The trick will allow us to hard reset or reload or format the Nokia N-Series Mobile. After doing so Phone will be reloaded the software again and the software related problem will be solved. The process is also known as the "Three Finger Reset for nokia Mobile Phone".
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             a) Switch off your Nokia phone.
             b)Hold down the following three keys -  Green (call answer button), * Key, and  Number ‘3' Key.
             c)While holding these buttons press the power button and switch on the  phone.
              d)Wait for message ‘Formatting’ to appear on the screen and release all  
                 keys once you see that message.
After all process is complete reboot your mobile phone and enjoy the fun that you have changed.

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