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How to create a hidden and unsearchable folder in windows XP, Vista and Seven

If we change the properties of the folder to hidden (right click on the folder- >properties- >tick hidden)
Then properties of the folder become hidden. But if show hidden files & folder is enable (folder option- > view- >hidden files & folder - > tick show hidden files & folder) then it shows that folder.
But anyone search that folder can find the content of that folder. So this process is not useable.
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         “recycler” – it is a folder which is hidden and unsearchable.Its location is just inside the drive except c: (windows installation drive)
         Only type “d:\recycler” (excluding quotes) in the address bar it opens a folder with name “recycler” in d drive. You  Can also change the drive letter. Put your data there & come out. It don’t show anything in d Drive and no one can search the contents.
        To reach that folder “recycler” only way is type the address in the address bar i.e. d:\recycler or any
        other drive letter in place of d. if you have created the recycler folder in any other drive.

The process is good in Windows XP operating system but it is not working properly in Windows Vista and seven.

                     This process is more reliable than process 1.
Create a folder with any name anywhere inside your system.
Then change the attribute of the folder to hidden and unsearchable by command prompt.
 Suppose there is a folder named “xxx” inside the folder “rock” in d: drive. We have to make hidden and
Unsearchable to that folder using command “attrib +s +h” in command prompt.

               Open command prompt (window logo key + R- > type “cmd”- > hit enter)
          E.g. It will display the command prompt screen-
                       C :\>
             Type attrib +s +h [folder path] ->hit enter
            e.g. c :\> attrib +s +h d:\rock\xxx

This will make the folder “xxx” hidden and unsearchable
   1. We can reach the content of that folder by typing the full path of the folder (i.e. d:\rock\xxx) in the Address bar.
   2. For change its attribute to unhidden and searchable use the command attrib “–s –h” in step2.
         C :\> attrib -s -h d:\rock\xxx

1. +s makes the attribute of the file & folder to system
2. +h makes the attribute of the file & folder to hidden.
3. –s removes the attribute of the file & folder from system to general.
4. –h makes the attribute of the file & folder to un hidden.

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